Kristen Sargeant


Rise to your potential.
your life.

Flow: a creative, evolutionary state of energized focus

The Universe is a creative place full of possibility & opportunity. It is naturally in flow and always in forward motion. You are cut from that same cloth. Through a process of self-awareness, action and accountability, you can ignite your innate intelligence, transform the subconscious patterns holding you back, and position yourself for flow and opportunity.

Let me show you how

Serving as a sounding board, a guide, a provocateur, and an advocate, I invest my time and energy in you. Together, we identify your unique genius and build intimacy with the parts of yourself standing in its way. The work may start in service of your career but, ultimately, will touch every area of your life.

Let’s get to know each other

Combining the best of coaching, psychotherapy, and positive psychology, I work with individuals and organizations to mine the wealth of untapped resources lying within.

  • Leadership + Personal Development
  • Team Building + Change Management
  • Female Empowerment
  • Shadow Work
  • Content Development

I have a passion for working with creative, 
growth-minded individuals and organizations.

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