Kristen Sargeant


Let's tap into your personal brand of genius.

Ally: to join forces in service of a common good

I serve as a sounding board, a guide, a provocateur, and an advocate. In order to mine the untapped reservoirs of potential within you, I look to the education I’ve undertaken—both traditional and not-so-traditional—the profound experiences I’ve had in my own life, and the expertise I’ve honed over decades of work. With dedication and heart, I leverage these resources to unearth and activate the reservoir of potential lying within you.

I draw on my experiences as a business leader, launching and growing an international wellness brand to over $500M in revenue; as a psychotherapist, working with mainstream and alternative modalities; as a TEDxWomen Producer, creating a stage for female innovators to tell their stories; as a mother of two sons; and now as a consultant to growth-driven individuals and organizations.

I have a passion for working with creative, 
growth-minded individuals and organizations.

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