Kristen Sargeant


A tools-based, results-driven process.

Most of us are running a mental and emotional Operating System (OS) powered by subconscious beliefs and assumptions—many, if not most of them, self-defeating.

What Operating System are you running?

I help you transform your OS so that it serves and supports you, doesn’t stand in your way, and makes you present for opportunity. This is roll-up-your-sleeves work built on a firm foundation of mutual trust, respect and compassion. The questions are big. Facing the assumptions that tether you to your status quo can be bracing. Both the stakes and the rewards are high.

Worth the Journey

The great news is this—with the right tools, insight and dedicated support, you become liberated. The fears, beliefs and patterns that once circumscribed your life lose their grip, opening you to the present tense where creativity, opportunity, flow and joy exist. This is the real payoff, better than the goals we work diligently to achieve.

What else are you capable of achieving?

People come to me at all different moments in their lives and careers—when things are uncertain; when the next step is unclear; when they are stuck in a rut; when they are fed up with settling; or when they simply know more is possible. What unlived life are you leaving on the table? What are you here to express?

I have a passion for working with creative, 
growth-minded individuals and organizations.

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